Learn Russian... with fun!

The lessons

The lessons at LLC Petrion are given by certified teachers of “Russian as a foreign language”, or “RKI”. Our teachers are native Russian speakers. We select our teachers on pedagogic skills. Because the high intensity of our courses and the fact that Russian isn’t an easy language, requires the teachers to have a broad portfolio of tools and techniques to keep the student motivated and concentrated.

Besides teaching, the teachers of LLC Petrion are involved in developing learning methods. We use books like “Perwye Shagi”, “Poekhali”, “Russkoe Slovo” and “Zhyli Byli” and add our own materials.

Learn a language where it is spoken

You learn a language much faster in a country where it is spoken. When you leave the classroom, the lesson continues. You’ll have exams in every shop, the public transport, at a museum visit and during a dinner in a restaurant!

For most people the structure of sounds of the Russian language is complicated. And when you don’t hear these sounds regularly in your home country, it is extremely important to ‘get used’ to them. Therefore total immersion is the best method.

How difficult is it to learn Russian?

The Russian language is not ‘as easy’ as English or Spanish. In the beginning the process of learning Russian can be hard, unless you’re a native speaker of a Slavic language. Especially the cyrillic alphabet and the new word structures are challenging. But once you are on your way, you will notice the learning process becomes easier and faster. The Russian language is a logical language. That’s why it is possible for anyone with the right motivation to master this language.

Our lessons are aimed at practical applicability, with a high focus on developing speaking and listening skills. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that knowing grammar is required because of the structure of the language. Even if you just learn Russian in order to ‘survive’.

Courses & Prices

Group course:

Intensity: 20 academic hours/week (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
Structure: 2-week blocks (successive), each block correspons to a certain level; this way, you can enter on your level and determine whether you stay 1 block (2 weeks) or more. Read uitgebreide uitleg.
Starting dates: depends on your level (see below), arrival: Saturday, departure: Saturday; classes from Monday-Friday
Level: block 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Duration: minimum 1 block (2 weeks), maximum 6 blocks (12 weeks)

Individual course

Intensity: 16, 20, 25, 34 academic hours/week (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
Startdata: every 2 weeks (see below), arrival: Saturday, departure: Saturday; classes from Monday-Friday
Duur: minimum 2 weeks


Pacakge fee: course + accommodation
First 2 weeks Per extra week Student discount Surcharge


Groupcourse – 20 ac. hours/week 795 €
(2 weeks)
370 € 25 € / week 25 € / week
Individual course – 16 ac. hours/week 995 €
(2 weeks)
470 € 25 € / week 25 € / week
Individual course – 20 ac. hours/week 1135 €
(2 weeks)
535 € 30 € / week 25 € / week
Individual course – 25 ac. hours/week 1295 €
(2 weeks)
620 € 40 € / week 25 € / week
Individual course – 34 ac. hours/week 1595 €
(2 weeks)
770 € 50 € / week 25 € / week


The above mentioned package fees include a stay in a shared room (with another student of the same gender). For other accommodation options there is a surcharge:

– single room in a shared apartment, shared bathroom: 19 €/night
– single room in a shared apartment, own bathroom: 29 €/night
– a host family (single room, halfboard: breakfast + dinner): 29 €/night
– studio apartment close to the lessons (own bathroom, kitchen, washing machine, internet): 59 €/night

Other services:
– visa support (if you don’t have a visa for Russia: we can send you a visa invitation which is needed to apply for the visa + required registration at immigration service within 3 days after arrival) – 50 € (stay up to 4 weeks), 95 € (stays of more than 1 month)
– airport transfer 15-30 € per transfer, price depends on how students can be combined in a transfer; (1 passenger = 30 € p.p., 2 passenger = 20 € p.p., 3 passengers = 15 € p.p.)
– extra individual lessons – 22 €/ac. hour
– group excursion: 10 € p.p. (in summer at the sunday afternoon, the day after arrival)

Course dates

* Group lessons: 2 week-blocks are successive: if you start in block 1, you continue after 2 weeks with block 2 etc.

** Arrival and departure on Saturday. Lessons from Monday-Friday. Arriving on a later day is discussable.


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